In addition, The Methodist Law Centre's Poor & Minority Justice Association- Legal Defense Fund, Inc. ,co-founded with the Church of God the Bibleway (Apostolic) and the Mt. Olive A.M.E. Church (Methodist), is a premier non-profit civil rights and civil litigation law firm.

Our legal services teams consist of a cooperative network of ordained pastors and licensed attorneys.

Our motto is:"Attorneys and Pastors for Justice!"

We are in essence a social-justice advocacy network of community activists, pastors, churches, attorneys, and other concerned citizens who are concerned about the deprivation of civil rights and human rights in our local communities. 

The PMJA Legal Defense Fund, Inc., handles very tough and very difficult civil rights cases, including:

Human Rights (Police Misconduct Law):

     --  Police Abuse and Misconduct

     --  Juvenile Justice and Reform

     --  Prison Abuse and Reform

Human Rights (Criminal Law):

     --  Juvenile Justice

     --  Criminal Appeals

     --  Innocence Projects

Human Rights (Labor Law): 

     --    Class Actions 

     --    Farmworkers & Migrant Workers

     --    N.L.R.B. Petitions

Human Rights (Deprivation of Civil Rights)

    --   Consumer Law

     --    Public Education/ Private Schools

     --    Fair Housing/ Pubic Accommodations

Employment Law and Discrimination

     --    E.E.O.C. petitions

     --    U.S. Dept. of Labor

     --    Private and Public Employers

     --    Wrongful Discharge/ Hostile Working


     --    State & Fed. Workers' Compensation

Church and State

     --  Church Social Justice Initiatives

     --  Legislative/ Congressional Initiatives

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The history of  The Methodist Law Centre ​is deeply-rooted in the socioeconomic plight of the working classes in 18th-century England and North America.  Initiated not only by the call to a deeper-personal connection to spiritual holiness, but also by the neglected material needs of those working classes, the Methodist Movement was born as the clarion call of both clergy and laity within the Church of England to meet the changing needs of the times. 

Likewise, The Methodist Law Centre was created to address the un-met needs of vulnerable and marginalized persons in the 21st-century, inasmuch as the Church, the Legal Profession, and the concerned Citizenry can be organized around various common-causes of social uplift and social transformation.  

Our first and primary mission is to provide high-quality legal services to vulnerable elderly citizens in need, through legal services, advocacy, and church mission. 

 Elder Care Law 

    -- Wills, Estates, Probate & Trusts

    -- Social Security & Medicaid

   --  Nursing Home Administration

   --  Real Estate

   --   Powers of Attorney/ Living Wills 

Elder Care:  Consumer Protection Law

   --  Fair Debt Collection

   --  Contract Disputes

   --  Bankruptcy Law 

Elder Care: Civil Rights  and Human Rights

   --   Nursing Home Abuse

   --   Private-Caregiver Abuse

Church Law & Administration

   --   Church law

   --   Church administration

   --   I.R.S./ Tax issues


Roderick O. Ford, Esq., D.D., Litt.D.

Executive Director of The Methodist Law Centre

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